Terms and Conditions for Class Enrolment

Screen Actors Australia

Terms and Conditions for Class Enrolment

A completed and signed Student Registration Form will be considered enrolment confirmation. Payment is to be arranged prior to course commencement. If student is paying by Direct Debit the account must be set up prior to the first class attended. If the student is paying by cash or credit card full payment must be made prior to the commencement of the course.

Fees are non-refundable and payable on a term-by-term (course-by-course) basis. Discounts will be given to families with multiple enrolled students. A discount of 25% will be given for each additional family member enrolled after the first one.

Refunds are not available for classes that a student does not attend. However, if a student misses a class, subject to availability, they may make up the class by joining another suitable one.

Screen Actors Australia has the right to alter advertised classes, times, days, and fees.

Screen Actors Australia requires 3 weeks notice if a student will not be re-enrolling in the following term. An enrolled student’s place is automatically saved for the next term.

Parents / guardians are welcome to wait for their children in the waiting room at the Studio (particularly parents and guardians of younger students).

Screen Actors Australia needs to be informed when any details previously stated on the Student Registration Form have changed, in particular contact details, health issues and emergency contact details. Strict privacy procedures will be followed when storing student personal information.

I confirm that I am/my child is fit and well and not suffering from any condition, injury or illness that would be harmful to myself/my child or others whilst partaking in an acting class. Any relevant and important health and management details are to be included on the Student Registration Form.

Screen Actors Australia expects appropriate and positive behavior from its students at all times. When these expectations are not met Screen Actors Australia will discuss behavior issues with the student and parent/guardian in the case of the student being under the age of 18. If said inappropriate behavior continues and poses threat or harm to others, the offending student will be asked to discontinue classes.

I understand that Screen Actors Australia staff will treat students with reasonable care at all times. Screen Actors Australia and its staff will not be held responsible for accident or injury or loss of property that may occur on the premises. I hereby release and discharge Screen Actors Australia of any liability, loss and damage associated with my/my child’s participation in Screen Actors Australia courses. In case of accidental injury or incident, I authorize any necessary medical treatment and agree to cover any expenses that may be incurred.