Screen Actors 19+

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Whether you're exploring acting as a career, want a confidence boost, or just in it for fun, Screen Actors is the right place for you. 

In our friendly, relaxed classes you will develop the creative and technical skills you need as an actor through improvisation exercises, scene study techniques and on-camera exercises.

Each week you'll rehearse, perform and film a scene in our multi-camera studio. The performance is edited live and played back straight away so you get immediate feedback on your performance and see it as it appears through the camera's lense.

As you progress you will learn how to develop a natural, believeable performance.

If you are interested in working as an actor we can Represent you through the Screen Actors Agency and submit you for appropriate roles in television, film, Commercials and Educational Programs. We also offer Audition Workshops with casting Directors and other specialised programs to help you build on your basic acting skills and develop a career as as as Actor.